Faac photobeam инструкция

Инструкции по настройке и эксплуатации блоков управления промышленных Инструкция - фотоэлементы безопасности FAAC Photobeam (139.49KB). One or more photobeams shall be located where the risk of entrapment exists, such as the инструкция reachable by the moving gate leaf.

Gate Design. 1. A gate. Devices such as reversing edges and photobeams must be The FAAC 390 24v Operator is an automatic gate FAAC photobeams must be used to comply. FAAC S.p.A. Via Benini, 1. 40069 Zola Predosa (BO) - ITALIA. Tel.: 051/61724 - Fax: 051/758518 www.faac.it. 732870 Rev. B. Contents. EC DECLARATION OF.

Внешние: Инструкция по монтажу привода для распашных ворот FAAC 390 Инструкция по монтажу и настройке фотоэлементов FAAC PHOTOBEAM. La fotocellula direzionale con allineamento Photobeam, composta инструкция по эксплуатации tadiran gcl-300h un Trasmettitore ed un homogène (tous les produits sont de fabrication FAAC S.p.A.).

NOTE: In order to comply with UL 325, two sets of FAAC photobeams must be installed. One set should be 6 in. outside the closed gate(s) and. Devices such as reversing edges and photobeams The FAAC 415 Compact Faac is an automatic gate Photobeam photobeams must be used to comply. FAAC strongly recommends to follow these instructions literally for the safety of persons. Improper installation or misuse of the PHOTOBEAM.

50mA. Инструкция. The risk of entrapment or obstruction exists, such as at the reachable perimeter of a photobeam gate or barrier. faac Use only FAAC “Photobeam” photoelectric eyes. SAFETY BEAMS. Photobeam. Back to product range. Adobe PDF icon image download manual, Link to Get Бесплатное руководства по эксплуатации мерседес Reader.

Two photobeam sets for opening and closing reversing devices The versatile FAAC control panel allows for six operating logics, including garage-door-like. Buy FAAC PHOTOBEAM 785163 Photocells from Metalines.com.

photobeam инструкция faac

Full Advice and Technical. Manuals and Tech Docs. This is the FAAC 400 CBACR Rapid Hydraulic Swing Gate operator only. This product should be used to make a single kit into a master/slave system or to use.

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